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Diet Advice?

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Diet Advice?

Postby skye021 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:47 pm

Hey guys,

Im hoping you can give me some diet advice. There is always room to improve but i dont think my current diet is too bad. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Current diet consists of:

Breakfast - Biggest Loser Meal Repalcement Brekky Bar, Oats with skim milk, vanilla and oat cereal with skim milk or a muesli bar.

Lunch - Steamed Veges w/leftover chicken, Biggest Loser Meal Repalcement Bar, Wholemeal wrap with Lettuce, Light cheese slice, grated carrot and chicken loaf or (on a lazy day) Weight watchers frozen meal.

Dinner - Fish with steamed veges, Roast chicken with sweet potato and pumpkin, Chicken and veg with lemon sauce (sauce kind varys throughout week, vegetable stirfry with soy sauce

Morning /Afternoon Snacks - Museli Bar, Fruit (cup variety not fresh, never seem to eat fresh fruit but i will eat a cup of it), Wholemeal crackers or low fat yogurht

Desert - Low fat ice cream, frozen yogurt, unsalted popcorn, low fat jelly, small amount of dark chocoloate

Drink - Water only with occasional fruit juice

My carb intake isnt too high, all meals are portioned controlled and i've limited my naughty meal to one per week (restaurant Saturday night usually thai or italian). I also don't eat after 8pm.

Anyone have any tips how i can improve?

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Re: Diet Advice?

Postby Metalcharm » Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:39 am

All in all it doesn't seem too bad. Museli bars can be deceptively high in calories though so I would limit them.
Even low fat foods can be very high in sugars which will eventually turn into fat so you should probably watch and limit them too.

Get yourself onto a site like Calorie King or My fitnessPal (app) that can calculate your daily intake and give you more of an idea where things might be able to be cut or adapted.

i watched a show the other night called "The thruth of food" which was very interesting. A woman who was quite big swore black and blue that she ate right and exercised a good amount but could never lose weight. When asked how many calories a day she ate she said about 2000 which was recommended for her. Over nine days she kept a food diary and it actually tunred out she was eating around 3000 calories a day.
Every little bit counts so even changing just a couple things a day will make a big difference in the long run.
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