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Trying to loose weight and get my life back...

A place for members with more than 10 kg to lose

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Trying to loose weight and get my life back...

Postby Kajonprice » Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:29 pm

Hi All,

Not sure who I'm talking to, this is my first time posting, but I figured if I was going to be successful in weightloss I may need some support.

So I have been in a relationship/marriage for the past 6years and which for the first few years was amazing and I was happy and healthy and traveling the world and weighed around 66kgs. Now as I come out of the darkest most painful 2years and now look to be getting divorced I find myself at 98kgs. I'm 25 and I'm exhausted and sick all the time, half of it is to do with stress and the other half is the weight...and hating the way I look

About a 2weeks ago I made a decision that this cannot be my life or my future...I have been unhappy and exhausted for too long. So I joined a gym and got 4 personal training sessions to start and then overhauled my eating, trying to have tuna and veg or salads for lunch, yogurt from brekkie and then low fat meals for dinner...the worst part is though pushing through the pain and exhaustion at the gym, making sure I go us much as I can, instead of going home and watching mindless tv to destress

So far I am 2kgs down. I am aiming to get back to around 66-68kgs...

I hope I can get there... Any tips for getting through the pain and exhaustion of starting to exercise? Or my weightloss in general

Thanks so much
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Re: Trying to loose weight and get my life back...

Postby Metalcharm » Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:07 am

Congratulations on making a start and on your loss so far.

The exercise will get easier the more you do but don't overdo it either in the early stages. If you're doing full on gym sessions maybe a lighter day in between will make it easier for your body to recouperate. Perhaps go for a walk on those days or similar.

And just in weight loss in general .. I say this to any younger person who will listen :lol: . Do it NOW. Stick with it and you will be doing yourself the biggest favour. You don't want to get to 40 and wonder what could have been.
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