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26.5 down- 40 to go- i CAN do it

A place for members with more than 10 kg to lose

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26.5 down- 40 to go- i CAN do it

Postby CandiceCanDo » Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:44 pm

Hi All,

Ive decided to join up and use this forum for support, to support others and together we CAN do it.

A year ago I weighed in at 138.7KG and could not believe it. After years of depression, a horrible relationship and injury I had stacked on 58.7KG in 4 years. Now that Im out of the depression, injuries minimised and got rid of that horrible ex I am making a new life for myself.

After injury lead me to not be able to exercise alot or move, I started eating better and with minimal exercise I lost about 20KG. Then I platued, moving away from the ex and starting a new life so didnt have alot of time to think about food etc but didnt really put on weight either.

Now that I have a new house, new great job, near family, and have joined a gym I am down to 112.2KG and feeling fab! All my clothes from City Chic in a size 18-22 are now useless and will be selling them all soon- no need for them! YAY.

Im now down to a 14-16 although a 16 is getting loose at City Chic, although I love their jeans, I cant wait until the day comes where I dont fit into their clothes and can buy a $10 pair of skinny jeans from KMART in a size 14! Cheap clothes, eating less- gosh the money I will save!

Im going to update this as much as possible, weekly at least and keep myself on track! I thought I was the person who couldnt loose weight- I have an injury, I have PCOS, I am big boned! All those excuses- well once I got my mind to focus on being thinner, and actually taking responsibility- the weight is coming off slowly and staying off!

You CAN do it, I CAN do it, we all CAN do it- when we put our minds to something, we CAN achieve it!

Candice xoxo
Starting Weight 138.7KG
Current Weight 112.2KG
Realistic Goal Weight 85KG
Ultimate Goal Weight 72KG
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Re: 26.5 down- 40 to go- i CAN do it

Postby ThinLizzy » Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:30 pm

Nice work! I bet you feel wonderful, it must have been hard work but keep going, girl!

I have 15 kilos to lose. I am quite small and small boned, I weigh 75 kilos, but my BMI is in the obese range. I am almost a size 16, which is huge for me as I am quite short. I have gained a lot of weight in the past 2 years due to clinical depression as well. I am seeking help (so I can stop eating to numb the pain), and little by little, day by day, I work towards being well again, both physically and mentally. It is nice to hear of someone else who also suffers depression.

Thank you for sharing your inspirational journey!
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Re: 26.5 down- 40 to go- i CAN do it

Postby justme » Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:40 pm

Hi well done on the loss to date and can relate so much to the cheap clothes lol hope u have a good week :)
Be Happy & Healthy :)

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