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So far - im doing ok.

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So far - im doing ok.

Postby Itoy & Suerti » Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:40 pm

So far - I am getting up at 5am monday - friday and doing ok. Im embarrased to jog at the moment, due to my Jiggly bits... but i am walking for about an hour.Admittedly last week I was slack, and cut Fridays walk short... I had new shoes and was blistered :x I came home after only 20 minutes and regretted it instantly. I feel that maybe I should pick up the pace, walk a little faster... I have many bouts of increasing spped, but then i slow down a little. Food intake is basically:
1 wholegraing toast with creamed cottage cheese
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of baked beans

A wrap with ham and salad, or salmon and salad.

2 skinless chicken drumsticks, corn on cob, assorted vegetables and/or salad

ryvita crackers
boiled eggs

I also am addicted to Pepsi Max... about 4-5 glasses a day. 1 glass of low fat milk with breakfast. Deep inside I know I need to stop the Pepsi, although it is the no sugar version.

This time - I know I need to lose this weight. I have to. Luckily I have a very supportive partner who has loved me for the last 6 years for who I am, although there are occasions when he mentions my weight. I used to get defensive, but I know it's because he cares. I have set small goals along the way - with my final goal to be about size 14. I am currently size 24-26.

Size 20: See a movie with my OH - spend the day together.
Size 18: Go for a long drive (I love drives)
Size 16: This is a special one - we are going to become "officially" engaged. We have discussed it many times, but I feel like my fingers are too fat at the moment, and it gives me something to push towards.
Size 14: We are getting married. :D :mrgreen: :wink:

I know to some it may be strange - but This is the push I need to become who I should be. It was actually my OH's idea, not because he'll love me more when I am healthy, but because I will love myself enough to let him love me as much as husband and wife should.
Itoy & Suerti
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Re: So far - im doing ok.

Postby Blitz » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:06 pm

Don't feel regret for protecting your feet. You wouldn't be able to walk if the blisters got bigger. You may have to break new shoes in slowly so your shoes "snug" into your foot shape.

You should always try to go a little bit faster each time but listen to your body. Sometimes it needs an easier workout day to build to the next level. There is nothing to say your walk should be at one speed. I used the distance between lamp posts to alternate between faster and slower speeds. I used this method to introduce jogging and move my walk into a jog.

Jiggly bits are just part of what we are (and trying to rid ourselves). When I finally started jogging I would hear this huge "flap flap" noise. It was my loose belly slapping against the rest of me! :shock: Needless to say I quickly bought tighter underwear to remedy that situation.

Over all your eating plan isn't too bad. You may want to lose one of the eggs at breakfast and increase the baked beans. I'm not to sure about the boiled eggs as snacks, apples or other fruit may be a better option.

Just say no to the Pepsi. It ain't doing you any good. As an ex-Coke man myself I know you think that it is too hard to give up. Trust me it isn't. The sooner you leave it, the sooner the cravings will disappear. Here is an idea you may want to try out. The first few weeks I started out Coke was getting under my skin. Every time I'd go past the Coke display at the supermarket I would hear the voices calling me. I decided that the best thing I could do was to control the impulse. I allowed myself a small glass bottle of it ONLY if I reached the 10kg mark of loss. By the time I reached it, I had weaned myself off it and did no longer enjoy the taste!

Keep your goals in sight. Wishing you every success!

Was: 153.7kg
Lost: 87kg
Now: Keeping it off for life!
Was: 153.7kg
Lost: 87kg
Now: keeping it off for life!
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Re: So far - im doing ok.

Postby Itoy & Suerti » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:27 pm

Thankyou - The pepsi is something I am defiantly going to work on... I was worried with the baked beans the sauce they were in might be bad? I also agree maybe cut out the boiled eggs for snacks... (eggs are my Glad it seems ok though... I went from doing no exercice to doing one hour so I am proud of that. :D My shoes have already become more comfortable - So i'm glad about that, also bought some pants for walking in (was wearing Jeans) so now i am more comfortable. Thankyou for you kind words and motivation :)
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