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Tony Ferguson...??

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Tony Ferguson...??

Postby Bela » Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:46 pm

Has anybody tried Tony Ferguson?
if so what was it like?
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Re: Tony Ferguson...??

Postby amberawesome » Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:33 am

Hi Bela,

Ok, I'm going to be completely honest here about Tony Ferguson....

Yes, it does make you lose weight and rapidly at that. However, any Nutrionist/Fitness expert will tell you how detrimental it is to lose weight that fast.

I am 26 now, but at 22 I went on it for 4 weeks in total. In 4 weeks I dropped 9.6kg by only being on Tony Ferguson and that was with maybe going for a 30min walk, 1 day a week. That result alone as anyone in their right mind can see is unhealthy.

You will feel unbelievably hungry for the first 3 days to a week because of the lack of complex carbs (the good type) that are being stripped from your diet as it is a (very) low-carb diet. You will also get the caffeine (if you drink it) and sugar withdrawals and may get a headache or two within the first week. Also, the hunger cravings do eventually subside as your stomach 'shrinks' though you also must drink a min. of 2L of water a day to assist with this.

The shakes themselves are packed with carbs and minimal sugar, so don't be fooled and think that they are low-carb, because they most certainly are not! So basically, once you have reached your goal weight they (Tony Ferg reps at Terry White) will explain to you on how to introduce normal healthy food back into your diet minus the shakes. Once you go back to eating normal again, you can fall back into a rut quite easily and you can put the weight back on quicker than it took you to lose it. I'm not saying it will happen, it CAN happen and very easily too.

So to sum up Tony Ferguson - It works, but it's not a diet for the run long.

If you want a proper health regime, I recommend either seeing your GP (who may even refer you to a Nutrionist of some sort) and/or signing up with your local gym as most of them, coming into summer, have deals for when you join and also tend to throw in a few free personal training sessions to get you started.

I've found that by seeing my personal trainer (he's now 'worthy' enough for me to pay once a week haha), he initially taught me about nutrition, then the second session he wrote me up a FUN daily gym training plan that's prepared for my body, areas I need to work on most and for my fitness level. It's also something I can do 6 days a week (and at home if need be) without making me tired at all. He just ups the ante now as I'm ridiculously fitter than I was 6 weeks ago!

When wanting to lose weight and to get into shape, it's all a combination of what you put in your mouth and exercise (it can be made fun even if you don't like it!) Once you know what to eat, you'll be on your path for a lifetime of being the healthiest you've ever been :D

Good luck Bela and keep us updated!
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