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Looking for a couple for ABC series Making Australia Happy

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Looking for a couple for ABC series Making Australia Happy

Postby admin » Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:27 pm

Our friend Kirsty de Vallance is a casting director in Sydney and she is casting a new series for the ABC.

Making Australia Happy- Couples" is a 4 * 1hr series for ABC1, commissioned by their Science Department. It's the follow up to "Making Australia Happy", a three part series which was presented by Dr Anthony Grant, Head of Coaching Psychology at Sydney University, and which aired in November 2010. That series took eight unhappy individuals and - with the help of a coaching psychologist (Dr Grant), a mindfulness expert (Dr Russ Harris), and a mind body expert (Anna-Louise Bouvier) - increased their happiness levels over eight weeks, using scientifically verified methods. We are still in touch with all eight individuals, and all have maintained their progress. The website of the series ( was the most successful in the history of the ABC, with over 45,000 people registering to measure and improve their happiness.

"Making Australia Happy- COUPLES" will follow the same basic premise. Four couples who are facing issues in their relationship will receive expert, personalised advice from qualified relationships experts to help them improve their relationship over eight weeks. We will follow them as they put that advice into practice. What they learn will be helpful to thousands of Australians facing similar issues in their relationships.

The couples need to be Sydney based, and can be young or old- just in a committed relationship. Kirsty would like to find a couple who are trying to lose weight/ about to start a weight loss journey.

If you would like to participate, you can contact Kirsty via email: [email protected]
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