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Worst Valentine's Day ever!

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Worst Valentine's Day ever!

Postby Angel » Sat Feb 18, 2006 10:40 am

This is not really weight loss related, although it is affecting my appetite. Perhaps there's someone out there that understands how I feel.

On Valentine's Day I lost my beloved indoor cat, Jack. He was a pure white short haired domestic. He had a wonderful personality, affectionate but cheeky at times.

I was on the computer, completing my weigh in details for the week and he was in my bedroom (his favourite room), I heard a loud bang and a meow, I thought something had fallen on him so I ran to help. I found him stretched out on my bed, he had died instantly, there was not a damn thing I could do to help. I felt so useless. I think that he died from a broken neck, but I really can't say for sure. It is such a shock, one minute he was there, the next he was gone - he was only 5 years old, in the prime of his life. It feels like someone has ripped my heart out and is using it for footy practice. I just feel sick to the stomach.

Every where I go in the house reminds me of him, I don't have the option of going out as I'm house bound most of the time from CFS. I know in time it will get easier and I'll smile when I recall a cherished memory of him but for now its damn hard.

Thanks for listening,
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Postby Dolly » Sun Feb 19, 2006 5:18 pm

Hi Angel, I've been away all weekend up north otherwise I would have replied earlier.
How absolutely awful for you.
I'm glad your kitty Jack managed to get to the bed (his favorite spot) in his shocked state after the fatal accident.

When we lost our 4 year old Chihuahua a long time back in a horrible car accident, we found out later it was part of Gods divine plan.
Because we were all sad and crying over little Pepie's death, a man at my husbands work said he had just divorced his wife a month earlier and could not look after his Great Dane anymore, would we please take her off his hands, so we reluctantly said yes.

One week later whilst I was dropping my youngest son off at his basketball game, I left my other son (11 year old) at home alone.
A knife carrying guy about 20 years old tried to break into our locked house (My frightened son hid in the toilet room with the toilet brush as his weapon of defence.
The huge Great Dane barked and boldly ran down the hallway toward the intruder that was still on the outside of the glass sliding door.
He took one look at the huge dog and ran away. If it had been our little Chihuahua there to greet the intruder, I think my son may have died.

Even though you still have to mourn your beloved Jack (and no cat will ever replace him) please buy yourself another loving furry companion, it truly helps to ease the incredible pain of losing a family pet. Perhaps the cat you are suppose to own is waiting in the store right now.

Do you know if Jack was deaf and perhaps he couldn't hear something about to slip on him? I know that NEARLY all pure white cats do go deaf. And if they have blue eyes they are often born deaf too. ... f_cat.html

Big Hugs to you through out this painful time of mourning.
Please Click Here to view and if you wish, enter Jacks name into the free rainbow bridge memorial -

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Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Sun Feb 19, 2006 5:47 pm

That's what we're here for (listening) and it is sad to lose a loved one, even of the 4 legged variety. Make sure you give yourself adequate time to mourn in your own way. It doesn't seem like it now, but it will get easier and you will start to be able to remember the good times without the sadness.

My dog developed cancer and epilepsy. We were going to have him put down, but he had a big fit and wanted to go outside. We never saw him after that, and I will never forget him looking at me as I let him out as if to say goodbye. We like to think he died under a big manfern in the bush behind mum and dad's house. He was a lovely dog.
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Postby natalie » Mon Feb 20, 2006 6:10 am

Hello Angel

I just saw your post now and I just want to say how sorry I am for your loss.It must have been just awful to loose your cat like that.
I am an animal lover myself and could not imagine loosing my pet that way....

I guess the only thing that will help is time.When you are ready in your own time maybee you could consider getting another cat.They are such beautiful creatures.I have a pure bred long hair persion.She is gourgeous and she is totally house bound.She has never been aloud outside.

I dont know what I can say to make you feel better - I guess there is nothing but I just want you to know that I and others are very sorry for your loss and hope you are feeling better soon.

Take care,


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Postby carleyjt » Mon Feb 20, 2006 11:18 am

(((((HUGS))))) to angel. Its never a good thing to lose your pets. Even worse when their is no logical explanation.

In my belief his soul is still around. He will come back from the higher level and check on you often and any time you need him. Only our bodies give out. Our souls move on and meet up with other lost loved ones, so someone up there will be looking after him for you.

Hope this doesnt sound too crazy :oops:
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Postby Angel » Mon Feb 20, 2006 3:36 pm

Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts.

Carley, you don't sound crazy at all, I like to think that way to, it helps with coping. When Mum helped me bury him, she said that Gran and Granpa will look after him now (Gran, Mum's mum, only recently passed away, last October), both loved cats so I'm sure they'll take him under their wing.

Many people have said, when I feel like it, I should get another pet. Furthest thing from my mind at moment. Strange though, in the last month, I had been researching buying a King Charles Cavalier, I've wanted a dog for the past 5 years, actually the idea was that I'd buy Jack and settle into my house, living on my own etc and once I got the fences and side gates replaced I'd get a dog, just never got around to it . . . . probably because Jack was such good company and a real character. Who knows what the future will bring . . . .maybe another 4-legged companion . . . .

Thanks again
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Postby Leila » Wed Oct 04, 2006 11:44 am

I'm sorry that you lost your cat. :( I hope you are doing ok now :)
Leila xoxo


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