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The slowness of lossing weight during pre-menopause

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The slowness of lossing weight during pre-menopause

Postby menopause kid » Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:17 am

This is my first blog. Was wondering if anyone who is going through pre-menopause is experiencing a very slow weight loss. I have been following a no white programme for the past three weeks and no alcohol and exercising walking skipping for 30 mins each morn and am always on the go,and I have only lost 500 grams. Always in the past when I needed to loose kilos once I changed my habits the body would respond. I have had medical checks and everything appears to be in great shape. I have 10 kilos to loose. is anyone else in the same boat? Would love to hear from you. :D
menopause kid
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