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Very Girlie Question (avert your eyes males! :D)

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Re: Very Girlie Question (avert your eyes males! :D)

Postby glam1 » Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:50 pm

Snowflake wrote:I got a full brazilian wax once and it was probably the worst experience of my entire life. Normally I wouldnt share it because it would almost surely scare someone out of doing it who hasnt before, but I kind of wish I read on like this before I did it because oh my dear sweet lord it was horrible.
I dont know how high my pain threshold is but I dont think im a wimp by any means, I would say average but ive never had anything else waxed....
Basically I walk in and theres 2 asian girls who dont really speak english, and they try to tell me to take off my pants and underwear and lay down on the table cross legged. So im completely exposed and none of those paper underwear were offered :shock: akkkward, haha.
So im laying there and they drip this BURNING hot wax all over, and all make grimicing frightened faces while she slowly pulls it off. Im screaming at the top of my lungs, tears are pouring down my cheeks. I let her do it one more time while the other girl holds my hand and makes the frightened face again and im screaming. I take the towel they give me to lay on and wrap it as tightly as I possibly can in my mouth and use it as a gag. By the 4th one my legs are kicking in the air and the pain is unbearable. I was screaming so loud and kicking so much that they had to stop, I told them to stop and I would just leave it the way it was (half done) they wouldnt let me leave with it like that and insisted that I let them finish. They take a pair of tweezers each and start plucking every hair out individually. I reckon this may have been even worse and tears just wont stop pouring out.
I really want to make it clear that im not a wimp!! I dont remember the last time ive cried from anything to do with pain other than this....
So anyways I was red and sore for hours after and there were many hairs missed but I was just so excited to be able to get off that table than I was happy to be a bit prickly. Also the next morning I woke up and it looked like I was covered in pimples and little whiteheads appeared over all the folicles.
I have heard people have great experiences and my friend got her first one about a week before I did (at a different place obviously) and said it didnt hurt that bad and it was over in a few minutes. My experience lasted about half an hour of torture. I dont have kids but I can actually remember thinking that I couldnt imagine child birth being more painful than this...ahah I know obviously its not true but at the time I thought it.

omg thats horrifring - avtually thats assult if you asked them to stop and they wouldnt.i'm a beauty therapist and well if my clients arnt handling i suggest a gstring first then in 4-6 weeks we braz that way lots less pain. We are all more senstive at some times of the month.
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Re: Very Girlie Question (avert your eyes males! :D)

Postby qtpie » Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:02 pm

i wouldn't be embarrassed about it coz they are professionals and they would have seen it all before, my armpits however i would be embarrassed becaust my armpit hairs are so strong and so thick that it i even so much as pull out one, it bleeds, if i had a professional wax i fear it could take my whole skin off under my arms, ouchie, I have waxed my own biniki line before coz if I shave down there it gets soooo itch mand i end up with red spots which looks just as bad as having hair down there ewwwwwwwwww
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