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Counting Holiday Blessings

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Counting Holiday Blessings

Postby seo3in1fitness » Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:41 pm

If I had to give you one BIG piece of advice over these next few weeks it would be this: TURN OFF YOUR NEWS STATIONS!

OK…so it’s nice to be informed. But, if you’re feeling as I am, I believe I am more informed than I’d like to be. The media is painting a picture of “gloom and doom”, which certainly isn’t lifting our spirits much. And, this negativity is certainly not creating gratitude for what we DO have. I’m hearing so much about the horrible economy and how no one has any money. But, on a trip to two of my local malls yesterday, the parking lots were full and the restaurants had waiting lines a few feet deep. Now, I absolutely know we are in hard times. Some are feeling the economic pressures more than others. But, there are two things I truly believe.

First of all, I know that this country has a lot to be thankful for and that most people who live here in the United States have far more than three quarters of the rest of the world. So, even in bad times, we look ‘good’ to those watching us. Secondly, if we think that having money or the lack of it has anything to do with this season of the year…well, we’ve missed the whole point.

If we’re wondering why our children are so adept at creating such long Christmas lists, it’s because they watch us very closely. Few of us adults truly exhibit gratitude for what we already have. Our lists of “wants” go on and on, as well.

So, although we don’t live in a “perfect” country — I don’t see very many people leaving it willingly and I see TONS of people trying to get in. So, we must have something pretty good going on. Imagine this were going to be your last Christmas season. If that were the case, I think you’d be planning on “who” to spend it with rather than on “what” you were going to buy.

Think about it.

Deb <3
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