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Spice Up Your Palette (and Health)

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Spice Up Your Palette (and Health)

Postby Waine21 » Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:35 am

Food has always been an icon of culture as each cuisine is unique to its place. Spices always entice the flavour of the dishes and elate the taste buds of gourmet. The 'spice-box' found in every Indian kitchen is eveidence of how spices work their magic in the Indian cuisine. The chimerical taste maker is actually dried seed, fruit. bark, root, flower or possibly any part of a plant. An ordinary dish turns out to be a feast for the soul when the spices work their magiic through it.

Ayurveda has always complimented spices and condiments to be 'wonder foods' as these form parts of [link removed] and formulations. As diet forms a crucial part of the Ayurveda, specific spices are prescribed to compliment with the medication or the Prakruti of a person. The spices render the nutrients and health benefits to the dish.Spices such as cardamom, turmeric, ginger and cloves cleanse and stimulate the preparation. The heating effect helps with the digestion, blood and lymphatic circulation and provides detoxification. The aromatic blend of various spices acts as a stimulant to the palette.

What was first a flavouring ingredient is now the greatest medicine and nutrifying agent for human body. Spices taken according to the seasonal changes can work wonders with your health. Ayurvedic formulas have always added fresh and irradiated spices because they are the impervious shield to ailments that can otherwise cripple the human body. Now you know that the simple rasam is not as simple as it looks!
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