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Rude women in clothing stores

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Re: Rude women in clothing stores

Postby admin » Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:52 am

Hi and welcome.
Please don't even waste any time on thoughts about those people. They would have issues with many people, and would have such little in their life they feel the need to judge others. They would be rude to many, like people who don't dress well, different races, etc not just you so don't even think twice about them. Its their issue not yours.
My suggestion for any gastric surgery is to get some counseling first, just so you receive all the information before you decide to go for it. I have heard some stories of people going into it without really knowing all the facts. Start with your GP which you will have to for a referral then get as much information as you can. It is not a quick fix, the reality of your lifestyle afterwards can be different but in saying that I know some who have had success but it is an effort after the procedure. I would try and speak with actual people who have had it.
Good luck.
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Re: Rude women in clothing stores

Postby Blitz » Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:13 pm

I've read two books by people who had gastric banding and considered themselves success stories (Fat Chance by Melanie Tait and Fighting Weight by Khaliah Ali). Both had tales to tell of the hardships and side effects of this method of weight loss. I personally can't understand why you would want to even try it after you find out the facts behind this radical solution. Before you are allowed surgery you have to demonstrate your eligiblity and reduce surgery risk (which can be life threatening) by losing a significant amount of weight. I figure if you can do that - then why have surgery? Even after surgery you still have to learn to eat properly...with the added side effect of violent vomitting if you get it slightly wrong. The operation leaves people with many issues after surgery for the rest of their lives (food type intolerance, need for vitamin suppliments, vomiting etc).

The procedure is very expensive, full of side effects and there is no guarantee of success (and no way back). I know of one person who succeeded through this method but she has told me that two of her work colleagues had it done about the same time as she did. They both failed to lose weight through this very radical and dangerous (and expensive) method. It is far easier and safer to work at developing a healthy lifestyle with no side effects and is as nature intended it.

My first rule of weight loss is: Do no harm. This method does harm!

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