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the start

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the start

Postby louieroc1 » Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:56 pm

Hi im new Im 43 and I currently weigh 79kgs , in the past 18th months I have put on 11kgs Im afraid that I will keep putting on weight I havent changed the way I eat but I do exercise but its not moving , my clothes are not fitting me I need to be motivated and lose weight I just get depressed and start eating and then cant stop . I need some friends so anyone that needs a weight loss buddy let me know .
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Re: the start

Postby CronicBadger » Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:00 pm

Hi louieroc1

First, congratulations: you've answered your unspoken question - "why am I not losing weight?".

Your inability to lose weight is probably because, as you have stated, you have not modified your diet accordingly. Simply put, exercise is a minor contributor to weight-loss (however, it is a major contributor to overall health and fitness).

To lose fat you'll have to change the way you eat and why you eat. You cannot solve a problem by continuing to do the things that cause the problem. Specifically, you cannot lose weight by continuing to do those things that put it all on in the first place.

I know just how difficult this can be, and in the past had originally tried to maintain my old eating habits, or fell back to them after a short, sharp period of "dieting". But this doesn't work in the long term - the weight just kept coming back alongside the old bad habits.

Even "emotional eating" can be overcome, and the skills and good habits learnt can positively affect other aspects of your life. Forming new habits is quite doable, but requires time and effort. Having read the weight-loss journeys of many of the inhabitants of this forum I'd say that one particularly common thread running through them is that the weight-loss was accompanied by a permanent positive change in attitude and lifestyle.

Persist at it and you can do it! Use this forum. Participate. Contribute. It works.

Read the following articles from this forum's article section:
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(the first myth is highly relevant to your own situation)

* "Weight Loss Tips"
(Note how of the 110 tips presented, less than one quarter have anything to do with exercise - the others are concerned with diet and psychology)

* "Change Eating Behaviour" ... viour.html
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