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Losing weight for confidence

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Losing weight for confidence

Postby Danstory » Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:23 am

Hello, im new here and dont know how to start, but just wanted to tell my story so people can understand how i lost 20kgs in 2 and half months. Last year i went through a rough patch in my life and put on alot of weight , then because i put on weight i had more issues. I wanted to lose the weight but didnt' have the confidence to go and lose it out in public. I tried buying the weight loss soups /milk shakes but nothing was working for me.

I saw on tv how a girl who everyone called ugly lizzie Velasquez, and even tho we had different issues, i felt i could learn something from her. So i purchased her book, and felt like i learnt how even tho everyone was saying nasty stuff about her that she was still putting herself out there, so if she had confidence to be on tv, then maybe i should had confidence to start walking.

So i decided to put myself out there even tho i had negative thoughts about it, i decided to ring up a health group where they would teach people how to eat healthy and maintain weight as a support group. It cost no money so that wasn't an issue, i told the lady who was teaching it, that i wasn't a very public sort of person, but she told me that other people were going through same thing, and to at try it for first couple of weeks and see what its like.

So i attended the course, first week was about how much i weighed and what was my goal , i weighed at 95 kilos and to some that might not be alot, but if i didnt' start then my weight could of got worse and worse, just after the course, i saw a shop and instantly thought cheeseburger with coke, but decided to have water and a chicken sandwich. From then on all my eating habits would change, the next day i decided i had to start walking didnt' have the money for a trend mill. I walked 1 hr that day and was so exhausted i was throwing up from me being unfit.

over the next couple of weeks i saw people were in same boat as me in the group , i started eating like they were telling us, giving up temptation when my family eats alot of junk food ect was hard, i decided to buy my own food , basically just swapping foods like light milk with full cream, wholemeal bread with white, and take away with chicken /turkey sandwiches and water /diet coke *yes i know its not the best for ya but i had cravings for coke and that was best i could do* , eating 6 meals a day , alot of fruit ect. Best part i wasn't feeling hungry like i was on the biggest loser soup diets".

3rd week came and i was like "if i dont lose weight i give up on this " walking was really hard for me back then was so exhaused just wanted to lose the weight so i could knock down to 30 mins a day instead of an hr, they weighed me and i lost 6kg i was so happy, that gave me so much confidence to lose more weight.

So 9 th week came and i lost a total of 15 kgs and it was final week of program, at first i was like nooo this is my one and only motivation, now i wasn't caring what people thought of me in public. Im so happy that i read a book that made me confident enough to join a group to give me the motivation to lose weight. I lost alot of face fat and pretty happy with it . Just wanted to let people know that even tho it was hard for public humilation *not as bad as others but was still there* and getting exhausted not thinking i could do it , and temptations on certain foods. That u guys can do it so if your wanting to lose weight try to get confidence/motivation and you will lose them kilos. Iv lost 20 kgs all together and a much happier person, im still a bit self conscious so not hating please.

[Fatty face image removed on request]

[Much thinner and better looking face image removed on request]
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Re: Losing weight for confidence

Postby justjulie » Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:01 pm

oh wow you look amazing and congrates for your weight loss.. its good to hear such a great story..
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