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Reaching our weight loss goal needn't be as difficult as it may seem. The secret to losing weight successfully is making small and progressive lifestyle changes until we develop completely new lifestyle habits and achieve our ideal weight.

This article will show us how to make small changes to our diets. No matter how much weight we want to lose, the principles are the same; start slowly, build momentum and stick with it.

100 Calories per day can make a difference.

Those of us who are overweight didn't reach our current weight overnight. By over consuming as little as 20 calories per day, we are all capable of putting on one kilogram of unwanted weight per year. The good news is that if we under consume as little as 20 calories per day; we are all capable of losing one kilogram of unwanted weight per year.

A half a kilogram of body fat is equivalent to approximately 3,500 calories. So, to lose a half a kilogram of fat per month, all you need to do is cut a little more than 100 calories a day from your current diet.

Now I know some of you are saying that 6 kilograms in one year just isn't enough.

But remember, that research proves that those of us who lose weight slowly are much more likely to keep it off long-term and our goal here is to make small changes that we can live with and build upon.

For example, if in addition to cutting 100 calories a day from our diet we begin to burn an extra 250 calories a day by walking for half an hour, we can lose a further 10 kilograms of weight for a total of around 16 kilograms per year.

50 possible ways of cutting 100 calories a day

Here are 50 painless ways to cut 100 or more calories a day:

  1. Use low-fat or non-fat milk throughout the day instead of full cream milk to save 30 - 80 calories per cup (250ml).
  2. Spread 1 tablespoon of all-fruit jam on your toast rather than 1 1/2 tablespoons of butter.
  3. Eat 2 poached eggs instead of 2 fried eggs.
  4. Snack on an orange and a banana instead of a chocolate bar.
  5. Replace thick sausages (110g raw weight) with thin sausages (70 gram raw weight) to save around 100 calories per sausage.
  6. Try a light meat pie instead of a regular pie of the same size to save around 100 calories (for example a Four'N Twenty light pie instead of a regular Four'N Twenty pie).
  7. Eat one less Tim Tam chocolate biscuit.
  8. Eat one half of a donut less.
  9. Eat a small muffin instead of large muffin.
  10. Use a sugar substitute and save around 100 calories for every 6 level teaspoons replaced.
  11. Eat 30 grams of chocolate instead of 50 grams.
  12. Eat a regular sized Cherry Ripe instead of a king sized Cherry Ripe.
  13. Eat a 30 gram packet of potato chips instead of a 50 gram pack.
  14. Drink diet Coke or Pepsi instead of regular Coke or Pepsi and save 100 calories per 250mls.
  15. Have one less whole milk Latte or Cappuccino.
  16. Have a medium sized fries at McDonalds instead of a large size.
  17. Have a regular Coke at McDonalds instead of a large sized Coke.
  18. Have two bites less of a Pizza Hut pizza. For each slice less save around 300 calories.
  19. Have one less stubby, can of beer or glass of wine.
  20. Share a cookie at Subway with a friend or don't buy one at all with your sandwich.
  21. Use light mayonnaise and save around 100 calories for each tablespoon.
  22. Eat a slice of bread or two less (one slice of Tip Top Sunblest white bread - Toast size - equals around 80 calories).
  23. Reduce a typical serving of chocolate cake (1/8 of a two-layer cake) by one-third.
  24. Thicken your cream sauce with low-fat milk and corn starch instead of a roux of butter and flour.
  25. Replace one large glass of fruit juice with a whole piece of fruit.
  26. Reduce the size of your steak from 4 1/2 ounces to 3 ounces.
  27. Replace 1 cup of chocolate ice cream with 2/3 cup of nonfat chocolate frozen yogurt.
  28. Cut the peanut butter on your sandwich from 2 tablespoons to 1 tablespoon.
  29. Split an apple Danish with a friend rather than eat the entire thing.
  30. Dip your chips in 1/2 cup of salsa instead of 1/2 cup of guacamole.
  31. For each serving of pasta salad you make, reduce the oil or mayonnaise by 1 tablespoon.
  32. Cut back on sampling during cooking.
  33. At an Italian restaurant, snack on a large breadstick instead of a slice of garlic bread.
  34. Replace 3 tablespoons of strawberry topping on your ice cream with a handful of fresh strawberries.
  35. Pass on the second helping of mashed potatoes.
  36. Rather than drink a strawberry milkshake, make a smoothie of 2/3 cup of low-fat milk, 1/2 cup of strawberries and 1/2 a banana.
  37. Eat 2 meatballs instead of 4 with your spaghetti.
  38. Eat a turkey sandwich instead of a chicken salad sandwich.
  39. Choose 4 1/2 ounces of tuna packed in water instead of 4 1/2 ounces of tuna packed in oil.
  40. Use 1 cup of fat-free cottage cheese instead of regular cottage cheese.
  41. Order a sandwich with barbecued chicken instead of barbecued pork.
  42. Have a single scoop of ice cream instead of a double scoop.
  43. Eat 1 hot dog at the footy instead of 2.
  44. Shred 2 ounces of fat-free cheddar cheese on nachos instead of regular cheddar.
  45. Remove all skin when eating chicken (the skin of one small drumstick has around 100 calories).
  46. Have two less chicken nuggets.
  47. Have one less Samosa.
  48. Have one less Pork satay skewer.
  49. Have a piece of grilled fish with your chips instead of fried.
  50. Have one less potato cake.


Reaching your weight loss goals needn't be as difficult as it may seem from the outset. Successful long-term weight loss begins with making small lifestyle changes that you can live with, and then continuing to make other small changes until you develop completely new lifestyle habits and eventually achieve your ideal weight.

This article has shown you how to make some very small changes to your diet that you can build new habits around. Whether you want to lose 10 kilograms or 50 kilograms, the principles are the same, start slowly, build momentum as you get used to new habits and stick with it.

Now you have 50 new and painless ways to cut 100 calories a day from your diet and there are thousands of other ways if you are prepared to look for them.

Good luck and remember, you can do anything if you really want to.

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