Target Heart Rate Calculator

Target Heart Rate Calculator

This "Target Heart Rate" Calculator is designed to help you determine the best workout intensity for your level of exercise experience, fitness and goals.

To calculate your Target Heart Rate range, simply choose your gender, input your age in years into the first box below, then choose the appropriate exercise intensity using the intensity option buttons and then press the calculate button.

Your Target Heart Rate range will then be automatically displayed in the bottom two boxes.

For your personal safety's sake, we strongly suggest that you refrain from training at the High Intesity exercise level unless you are very fit or are doing so in a very controlled manner with close medical supervision.

Target Heart Rate Calculator:

Step 1: Choose your gender.
Step 2: Enter your age.
Step 3: Choose the intensity of your workout.
Step 4: Press the Calculate button.

Your target heart rate is:


* BPM = Beats Per Minute.

Important Notes

Please note that because of individual differences, this Target Heart Rate Calculator provides a general guide only to an appropriate exercise intensity. In order to help you maintain the correct aerobic exercise intensity, we recommend you use a good quality heart rate monitor. And as ever, we strongly advise you to listen to your body to gauge the correct exercise intensity for you and to always consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

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