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Upper Body Swiss Ball Workout

To help you reach your weight loss goals we've put together a Swiss Ball workout which can be done anywhere at anytime.

This Upper Body Swiss Ball Workout includes exercises for your chest, upper back, shoulders and arms.

Beginners should perform each exercise for 1 to 2 sets of 8 - 12 repetitions before moving on to the next exercise in the sequence. As you get stronger, try performing 3 sets of 10 - 15 repetitions of each exercise.

We recommend that you consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

Swiss Ball Push Ups

Swiss Ball Push Ups

Muscles Worked: Chest, Shoulders and Arms.

Technique: Roll forward over a ball (walking on your hands) until you are in a push up position and your feet are resting on top of the ball. Slowly lower your chest stopping just above the floor before rising back up to the start position.

Tip: To make this exercise easier, rest more of your legs on the ball (e.g. shins or thighs).

Swiss Ball Lat Pullovers

Swiss Ball Lat Pullovers

Muscles Worked: Upper Back (Lats).

Technique: Holding a light dumbell, roll into a position where your upper back and head are resting on top of a ball. Extend your arms towards the ceiling above your chest. Slowly lower the weight back over your head and then raise it back over your chest.

Tip: Keep your elbows slightly bent and move your arms in a slow and controlled manner.

Swiss Ball Dips

Swiss Ball Dips

Muscles Worked: Shoulders and Triceps.

Technique: Sit on the ball, hands beside hips. Step forward so your bottom is just forward of the ball. With your body weight resting on your palms and heels, slowly lower yourself until your thighs are at knee height. Using your triceps, push back up.

Tip: Put your ball against a wall to stop it slipping. Keep your bottom close to the ball. This exercise is unsuitable for beginners.

Swiss Ball Bicep Curls

Swiss Ball Bicep Curls

Muscles Worked: Biceps (front of upper arm).

Technique: Sit up straight while holding a dumbell in each hand, shoulder-width apart, palms facing in. Keep your elbows at your sides and curl the weights up towards your shoulders, twisting the weights so your palms face back. Slowly lower the dumbells back down until your arms are straight.

Tip: Keep your tummy tight and back straight.

Swiss Ball Crunches

Swiss Ball Crunches

Muscles Worked: Abdominals.

Technique: Sit on a ball and roll into a position where the ball is supporting your lower back and pelvis. Draw your belly button towards your spine and slowly curl your upper body up into a position half-way between lying and sitting.

Tip: Support your head with your hands, but do not pull on your head. Breath normally.

Addtional Information

We suggest that you keep your workouts easy to begin with and gradually increase the intensity as your technique and confidence improves. If you need additional help, you should consider booking a few sessions with a Personal Trainer or paying a visit to your local Pilates, Yoga or Fitness Centre.

And remember to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

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